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Monday, November 13

60 paintings i wanna buy before i'm 60

Painting # 32: Vincent Van Gogh's Cafe terrace at night

Friday, November 10

60 paintings I wanna buy b4 i turn 60

Painting # 44: The three musicians by Pablo Picasso

Monday, October 23

Vote of trust for Mr. Fousekis

The Greek public signalled its trust to local celebriy/politician/trobatribo Mr Nikos Fousekis, by electing him mayor of Fokin-da. Mr Nikos Fousekis is mostly famous for his powerful speeches and very funny aptitude. Three cheers for the man that makes Fokin-da proud!
bravo re Tsouseki !

Sunday, October 1

Back to Greece ...

...and I've been working like a dog
it's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log
but when I get home to you I find the things that you do
will make me feel alright

~ ~ ~ oh yeah ! ~ ~ ~

Thursday, September 14

Fortune cookie of the year


Thursday, September 7

Who's the real Joda?

Spot the faker

Tuesday, September 5

Pic of the week 4

A lill' somethin, something i made

Silver medal in FIBA world championship

Congratulations !

Sunday, September 3

Good luck Greece!

Sports; Basketball final starts in a couple of hours. The world championship comes to a close with Greece vs. Spain. Let's kick ass. !

Saturday, September 2

Pic of the week 3

He he.! This picture always puts a smile on my face. Check out the crazy face of Beras (! O,..,o).
This picture is from our excursion to Katakolo last summer.

Friday, September 1

Dissertation > check !

at last the day is finally here
september 1st ; its only been a day since i turned in my dissertation , yet it feels lige ages.
i'm frikin happy coz now i can resume my normal lifestyle!

no more writing for me !! 3 cheers! > "cheer - cheer cheer!"

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